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Library Search is a combined search of the catalogue, repository, digital collections, e-books and databases.


 cunningham  Cunningham Library Catalogue


Cunningham Library Catalogue holds a unique, comprehensive collection of Australian educational research material.

 ACEReSearch  ACEReSearch Repository


ACEReSearch is the online research repository of ACER, containing ACER's research including reports, working papers, conference papers, and more.

ATED  Australian Thesaurus of Education Descriptors


ATED is the definitive reference on Australian terminology in the area of education.

edresearch  EdResearch Online


EdResearch Online contains details of more than 61 000 articles from Australian education journals available for online purchase or free download from publishers. Articles cover all aspects of education and are sourced from over 500 journals.

BOLDE  Blended, Online Learning and Distance Education


Contains details of books, articles, conference papers, theses and research reports on various aspects of distance and online education, blended learning and educational technology from publishers in Australia and overseas.

 Database of Research on International Education


The Database of Research on International Education (DRIE) lists books, articles, conference papers, theses and research reports on various aspects of international education, transnational education, study abroad and international students from publishers in Australia and overseas.

learning  Learning Ground - Indigenous Education Research Database


This database contains details of nearly 10 000 articles, reports, books and conference papers covering indigenous education in both Australia and abroad.

LTR  Learning and Teaching Repository


The Learning and Teaching Repository contains a collection of higher education learning and teaching materials from projects funded by the Australian Government.

Subscription databases - ask your librarian about access to AEI, A+ and AERT

aed-informit  Australasian Education Directory via Informit


Australasian Education Directory (AED) is a concise and accurate guide to around 1400 educational institutions and related organisations in Australia and New Zealand. The directory is available for subscription on the Informit Online Internet service. For subscription information see the Informit website.

aei  Australian Education Index - AEI


The AEI is a subscription database consisting of over 221 000 entries relating to educational research, policy and practice published in Australia, and about Australian education published overseas. Coverage includes books, articles, conference papers, theses and reports, predominantly since 1978 but with entries from as early as the 1920s. Included are links to over 62 000 full-text publications.

informit  A+ Education via Informit


A+ Education is an indexing and full-text database that provides access to the scanned images of journal articles from published material on all aspects of education. A+ Education is based on ACER's Australian Education Index (AEI). There are over 245 comprehensively or selectively indexed journals for which the full-text articles are available. In total, there are links to more than 90 000 full-text documents such as reports, conference papers and journals from the database. For subscription information see the Informit website.

AERT  Australian Education Research Theses Database


AERT is a subscription database consisting of doctoral and masters research theses accepted by Australian universities in the field of education. More than 18 000 theses are listed dating back to 1919. Nearly 6000 theses are available online. Also included are some education theses from overseas universities on Australian education topics.

Publishers donating resources for inclusion in AEI, DRIE, BOLDE, Learning Ground should visit this page for more information.